A Poet's Bio

Stephanie Mesler writes poetry, fiction, drama, memoir and columns on the art of writing.  Her stories and poems can be found all over the net and in journals from Skysong to Columbus Monthly. Her books, Soul Hill Lullabies (poetry), Ermengarde The Expansive (short fiction), Adventures and Confessions of a Fat Lady Who Sings (memoir), Love Lines (poetry), and Under The Sheets (anthology of Poetry, Fiction and Art, a collaboration with Vicki Barnes) are available from booksellers around the world.  Currently, the author is working on her first full-length novel, Escape From Pig Hill, due for publication this winter.  Ms. Mesler frequently performs her work in venues near her home in Florida and online in Second Life.  You can find podcasts of some of her work by clicking on Podcasts above. 

Stephanie Mesler lives on an actual tropical island with the loves of her a life, her partner (an honest to Goodness rocket scientist) and her daughter, the beautiful and talented author, Su Mesler-Evans. Mesler is a nondriver by choice and an activist for size acceptance.  She is also a mostly unchurched Unitarian Universalist.