Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Illustrating Ermengarde: A Castle Suitable For a Princess

It has been a LONG search for the right castle for the new and improved Ermengarde of Obifobus.  I attempted first to create a castle from scratch.  Alas, I do not love virtual building and am not all that talented or patient.  That effort was abandoned after some months' effort.  Then came a lengthy search of the hypergrid for a castle in which I could envision my princess.  No dice.  Finally today, I spent some time searching Second Life for the perfect ready-made castle.  It has been found and is now erected on my illustrations platform.  I am not quite ready to offer you the grand tour.  That will come in time.  For now, here is a glimpse of the woman herself, newly re-amplified, and standing before the fire in the castle great room.  This photo also hints at techniques I will use in creating and editing the illustrations for a third edition of Ermengarde The Expansive and the first edition of it's sequel Ermengarde The Expansive and The Year of Long Light.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ermengarde Is Temporarily Unavailable

As you may or may not know, I am working on a novella set in The Twelve Realms,  Ermengarde The Expansive's world.  I expect to publish that novella this winter.  In the meantime, I have withdrawn The second edition of Ermengarde The Expansive from the market.  A third edition of that book will be available this Autumn!  This new edition will have new illustrations and be completed using software that did not exist when previous editions were released.  I am sure you will enjoy the new and improved Ermengarde.  Watch this website for more information.  Here is an early look at the new and improved Queen of Obifobus.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hard at Work...Sometimes

Health issues are taking most of my time, energy, and focus these days, so production of new material is a little slower than I would like.  The result is that I'll be producing only two new works in the remainder of 2015 (assuming nothing slows things down even more).  The first will be a new short story, St. Francis' Feast, to be completed later this month, probably ready for release in November.  I may publish that on this site or may send it to some other publisher for consideration.

A few weeks back I asked what people thought about the possibility of serializing my next novella, Ermengarde The Expansive And The Year of Long Light. Overwhelming response was that it would be a good idea.  In preparation for that serial publication, I am pulling Ermengarde The Expansive from the market temporarily to make some changes to it.  I expect to release a third edition of that first Ermengarde book in October.  The new novella should hit the web and Amazon sometime in November.

I hope you are enjoying the end of summer and reading something wonderful.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rules For Writing In Shared Spaces

  1. If the place you use as an office away from your home office is coffee shop or cafe, BUY SOMETHING.  This is your table rent.  Pay it, or go to a library.
  2. If you spend more than 90 minutes using a table in a cafe or coffee shop, buy something more.  Seriously, be fair to business owners so that they can continue to provide space for writers who benefit from having people around them while they work.  
  3. For heaven’s sake, don’t bring food or drink from your home or another establishment into a cafe or coffee shop.  Seriously.  That’s just rude.  
  4. I can’t believe I really have to say this.  TIPPING IS NOT OPTIONAL.  Tip the server or barista so that they benefit from your presence in their establishment.  
  5. If you are writing in a cafe, please remember it is not a library.  No matter how hard it is to concentrate, don’t shush the soccer moms at the table next to you.  They probably spend more money than you do. The cafe prefers their business to yours.  Wear earplugs, if you must.  The ones for the firing range work really well.  
  6. If you write in a public library or some other publicly held space, please remember it is a library.  No matter how much you want to tell someone all about your next book, very few people in the library want to hear it.  Shhhhh…
  7. Shared space is, well, shared.  If all the tables are taken in a cafe or library but there are seats available at your table, you are expected to share.  Don’t be surprised if someone asks to sit at your table and don't be the jerk who refuses the request.  In fact, how about being the classy author who offers a vacant seat to a stranger in need?  Remember, karma works both ways.  
  8. Bathe.  Put on clean clothes.  We, writers, lead solitary existences and no one notices or cares if we don’t shower as we spend days on end with fingers flying over the keyboards in our homes.  But when we choose to leave the house, to share the public oxygen supply, we are obligated to wash up.  Nuf said?  
  9. Clean up after yourself.  If you expect to use a public space as a substitute for personal space, you must treat it like the precious gift it is.  Don’t leave a mess for the barista or librarian to clean up after you are gone.  Be the patron they love to see, not the one they dread.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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